Digital advertising goes beyond banners, clicks, likes or views. Because of technological achievement in this area now we have innovative solutions in an era where business models and communication strategies are being challenged every day. Advertising in digital platforms represents endless tools to add value for brands and make easier the process of interaction with the audiences.

We’re living in an era where the limits are banished, with an infinite number of possibilities, the sky is the limit; all this sounds tempting. Nevertheless, having endless possibilities makes more difficult and confusing the decision making process for companies and brands.Now is time for asking: How to choose a direction? Which is the best option for me, for my company, for the business? People should be the first priority, and from there align the value of companies and brands; technology and digital advertising takes other dimensions.

IAB CONECTA is the most important conference of the digital advertising and interactive marketing industry in México and meeting point for Latin America. Since its first edition back in 2006, the conference has had the presence of high-level international speakers. Three days full of activities, where more than 1600 attendees from 19 countries join together, prominent leaders and executives that come from brands, agencies, digital platforms and publishers to interact with the most important companies of the industry. This year we’re adding NewCo@Conecta, now all the attendees will have the opportunity to get inside of the main companies who are developing the industry in México.

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  • Advertising friendly in the digital age

    1. High-level conversations with the most creative minds, about new trends and innovation that represent a high impact on the future of advertising. One of the main topics of this track is the ultimate human resource: creativity. Be a witness of how ideas come to life.
  • Industry Oriented, a deep dive overview

    1. A deep dive overview about the startegic side of digital advertising and interactive marketing industry, both local and global. A journey through specific topics like the industry growth through the past years, technological achievments, next generetion services, etc. Programmatic buying, analytics, mobile advertising, digital video and performance are relevant topics of this track of keynotes and showcases.